Future of Payments

How fast do payments move today?

What is an ACH payment?

How long does it take refunds or holds to become available to the consumer?

Where is the U.S. headed in the short-term?

Mobile Commerce

What financial products can go in the wallet or be stored in an account (i.e. an online account the customer has with a specific retailer)?

What types of mobile wallets are there?

How secure are mobile transactions?

What ways can I transact from a mobile device?

Why are merchants hesitant to deploy certain mobile wallet acceptance technologies?

How does the cost of a mobile payment differ from a card payment?


How do payments work in the e-commerce environment?

What types of payments are considered e-commerce payments?

Why do online payments take longer to process?

Who pays for fraudulent e-commerce activity?


How does EMV make my payment more secure?

Is the EMV technology in the U.S. the same as abroad?

How does my chip card work at the Point-of-sale (POS)?”

What does EMV mean for online transactions?

If my card has a chip, why am I still swiping?

Who’s responsible for fraud loss with EMV?

Fraud/Data Security

How often are there data breaches and hacks?

How do we secure a transaction and identify a consumer?

Is the signature a customer verification method?

Is it safe to shop online?

Does EMV solve data breaches?

Who pays for fraud losses?

What is a chargeback? How does it work?

Do chargebacks exist on PIN transactions?

Transaction Basics

What role does the merchant play in the payment ecosystem?

What role do merchant processors, networks and bank processors play in the payment ecosystem?

How much do merchants pay in credit card fees?

What role does the financial institution play in the payment ecosystem?

What data is sent in a transaction?

What is the difference between a dual message and a single message transaction?

What is the difference when I use my debit card if I choose debit or credit at the POS?

Why don’t all merchants ask me for a PIN?

What is considered a card present (CP) vs. card not present (CNP) transaction?

How much do merchants pay in debit card fees?

How much does it cost consumers to use credit or debit cards?

Why do some merchants ask for a minimum transaction amount for using a credit card?

Why do some businesses pre-authorize funds (like hotels, restaurants, gas stations)?

What are private label cards and how do they work?

What are co-branded cards and how do they work?

How do my network-branded (i.e. Visa and MasterCard) gift cards work?

Why can’t I use the full amount of my network gift card everywhere in one swipe?

How do retail gift card programs work?

How do Electronic Benefit Transactions (EBT) work?

Do the ‘Honor all Cards’ rules apply to a brand’s debit and credit cards?

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